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Digitalshala is an Ed-tech Startup where we follow a “Learn to Need” model education. We balance the equation between “Jobs, Careers & Passion to Learning” through our Open House Workshops, Online Courses led by Industry Experts. Join a Difference Making Learning. Learn based on your Need!!

How Digitalshala Works

For Example, if someone wants to learn Graphic Designing for designing “Posters” as part of their job or career / as a passion, there is no point in learning from end to end of Graphic Designing through a full time course. Joining a Full time course for a small need is not worth of time and investment. Digitalshala helps you here. Our Courses, Trainings and Workshops are designed for a Participant to learn exactly what they need to learn practically, enhancing value of learning.

The Training for all the models is completely handled by Top Rated Professionals & Experts from the Industry who were signed up from the domain of respective training. This enables participants to actually learn what they need practically and also the knowledge which industry industry uses in real time.

All the Courses in Digitalshala, is designed to make participants reach their passion which might be different from their career. For example, a Financial Consultant may want to be a Digital Marketing expert and we help them to achieve the Passion though complete practical training

For all the participants taking up courses, which Digitalshala offers, will be provided with a Guide (the trainer) who can help the participants to reach their goals post course completion.

The Curriculum of all the courses offered by Digitalshala is designed based on the advice of many industry experts. The Curriculum will be updated regular to make sure participants learn up to date knowledge of the Industry

All the Courses in Digitalshala in backed by an Organization in the field of respective training. Photography Courses will be backed by a Photography Agency, Digital Marketing Courses will be led by another agency, Sales force will be led by some other organization in the Industry and the same with all the courses.

Trainers from Industry

All the Trainers, who shares their knowledge in Digitalshala, are the Top Rated Professionals from the Industry in domain of the Training Subject.

Multi-Channeled Training

Learning in Digitalshala, happens in a Multi Channel Model. Training models differ based the need of learning like Workshop, Online Course & Full Time Courses.

Learn to Need Model

Our Difference is a "Learn to Need Model". There is no point of learning every theoretical principle just to get what you need. Just Learn to the Need.

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