Top 10 Courses Students in Tirupati Should Join Immediately for Jobs

Top 10 Courses Students in Tirupati Should Join Immediately for Jobs

Tirupati is the hub of education in Andhra Pradesh and has the largest output of students in to the industry. But as per a survery only 22% of students are getting jobs in the Industry and the other students who dont get jobs are remaining jobless. The reason for this situation of students not getting proper jobs even after doing professional courses like MBA and Engineering is simple.

Most of the students who are pursuing their are not planning long term benefits. All the students in colleges tries to get jobs in their campus placements itself. But as of now, the situation is worse for campus placements. Many students who are placed through campus placement are either not getting offer letters or else their are being made to wait for joining dates for years.

What Should students do?

Students should be very careful when they are pursuing any course in Tirupati. While they are in colleges itself they should pursue some additional courses which will be added value  for their careers. Many students dont think about joining some courses even after finishing colleges and not getting jobs. The reason is they dont know which courses to join or else which courses can get them jobs.

Top 10 Courses for Jobs in Tirupati in 2019

The below courses are the trending courses right now which fetches good jobs for students with good packages as well. These courses are offered in Tirupati by many other reputed institutes like Digitalshala. Students have to join any one these course based on their interest to get jobs after their education.

  1. Digital Marketing: For all students from any background
  2. Sales Force: For all students from any background
  3. Testing Courses: Engineering Students
  4. Machine Learning: Engineering Students
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Engineering Students
  6. Ethical Hacking: Engineering Students
  7. Big Data: Engineering Students
  8. Hadoop: Engineering Students
  9. Gaming & Animation: For all students from any background
  10. Mobile Application Development: Engineering Students

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