Tirupati is one of the fastest growing cities in Andhra Pradesh. We have got a tag a Smart City in the past 4 year and we are one of the tech city in India. Tirupati is also top city producing lakhs of graduates and Post Graduates from many courses and also colleges. But as per a survey, only 2% of students getting out of colleges are getting employed and the remaining are jobless. The main reason of students being jobless is the inability to redefine themselves according o the need of market. The below courses helps students to redefine themselves for the market need and also for the need of companies.

1.Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is field which is on rise right now and definitely the option of majority of students. Right now, Digitalshala provides an Certification program in Digital Marketing in Tirupati, which helps students to redefine themselves for jobs and careers with Digital Marketing.

2. Photography

Photography is also a field which is still to provide much jobs and careers, but right now we have huge suppuration of this course and students are looking opportunities to redefine their skills

3. CMS Web Design

CMS based web design is also on hype right now and many companies are providing good packages for students who have experience on CMS Web Designs and also with other coding language.

4. Robotics

Robotics is also a  field which covers robotics and also many other engineering tecchnologies. Students wiill be able to fit to the market only if they redefine themselves in robotics

5. Gaming

Gaming is also one field which is right now on peaks. Students who are interested in gaming and other channels of are finding a huge opportunities with good packages.

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