How a Home Maker and Gardening Hobbyist Turned as Top Blogger

It was always a tough question for home makers to make use of their leisure time to make a productive output or to prove their mettle. But it took some time for me to prove this. I was working with a Corporate giant before my motherhood and as soon as we got an angel in to our lives, I though of focusing more on making world a better place or my angel baby than my career. So I quit my job and was a full time mom, which were the best times of my life.

After 5 years of motherhood, now I got some leisure time as my child is spending her time at school. I dont want to go back to corporate again and strive for the whole 9 hours, come back to home and not have much time to spend with my baby. Now, is the time, I should find something which actually workout for me, so that I can earn, use my free time and obviously spend  quality time with my baby as well.

I was very good at writing my thoughts from long back. Even thought not perfect, I was able to put my thoughts in some well mannered lines, so that others can understand it better. I explored more on internet on using by writing skills in a productive way. I tried freelancing to some companies, content writing, guest posting and many more. But none could satisfy my soul of balancing writing an earning and some other missing element.

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Then I thought of blogging and tried to establish a blog with some content on it with help of many Youtube tutorials and other guidance stuff. But again, the same challenges, I was not be bring up a very good blog, articles, topics which can get some genuine readers and the main challenge in getting visitors and earning from it. Then I understood this science of blogging needs some organized knowledge, rather than the knowledge which is tit bits from internet.

I came to know the workshop, which is being done by Digitalshala, Blogging and Earning. Initially, I was not sure whether the 3 Hours course helps me or not. But once I have attended the session,, it was very great and I actually got the organized and straight line knowledge which I want to be a good blogger. I was able to recognize my skills and the missing element in my previous attempts and how to put them in right way, how to find blog topics which can get visitors and how to reap benefits from blog.

I dont say, I was successful immediately, but it took sometime for establish my blog. After workshop, I recognized myself that I can write a blog from my skills and hobbies. I started writing on my Gardening hobby and it took no time for me to get my blog to top pages. One of my Blog Post which have me huge boost up is on “How to Grow Money Plant indoors in Glass bottle” got around 3 Million visits in 6 months and ofcourse I have started earning from my blog through many  channels.

The workshop gave a foundation knowledge behind blogging and also a organized knowledge which cannot be found any where else as the workshop is completely designed from the experiences and techniques of many bloggers. For all the people who are thinking on starting a blog and needs a proper guidance, I highly suggest this workshop

-Neelima Sudheer

Ms. Neelima Sudheer, is a participant of the Blogging and Earning workshop and right runs blog on Gardening and sells products on the blog as well. She has started a blog from Zero to 5 million visits today and is one of the successful blogger achieving this feat.

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